Daniel DiCaprio

The pieces I make in wood and precious metals, explore my interest in adaptation. The forms I work with stem from plant and animal anatomy often combining different aspects from each. I use metal wire as a surface embellishment to reference hair, cells within the body, or body ornamentation.
During my process of making, I am often reflecting on people’s roles in the living world. I think about how we evolved to the place we are currently, and what other possible changes could happen in the future. I consider my jewelry and sculpture to be organisms on the beginning of their evolutionary path, having just made a great change that will propel them forward in a competitive world. Referencing what we are and where we came from, the pieces are created in recognition of the past, while alluding to the future. The process of making this work is as seductive to me as an artist, as I hope the work is for the viewer or wearer.